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Wooden Deck

Decking can be a great way to extend your living space into the garden, perfect for socializing, outdoor dining, or as an addition to your pool area. Wooden Decks can form part of your landscaping or be an alternative to patios by adding a romantic pergola. Pool surroundings can be revitalised by replacing worn-out paving with a new, spunky wooden deck.

Not surprisingly good timber decking has become a popular addition to many South African homes; transforming bland spaces into practical and stylish outdoor amenities. Because timber is so versatile, practically any shape, size and colour is possible, which means you can design one to suit your individual taste or budget.

Products we offer:

  • Sun Decks
  • Pool Decks
  • Jacuzzi Decks
  • Patio Extensions
  • Balustrades / Handrails
  • Staircases
  • Pergolas
  • Latte Pergolas

Timber Species

C.C.A. Treated Pine - is used by JFK Thatching on most of the decking substructure. Pine can also be used as decking, However, being a softer timber it is best used in low-traffic areas. Pine can be stained to specific colour requirements.Pine requires regular treatment and will develop fine cracks over time.

Balau is used worldwide but originates in Malaysia. In the last 20 years it has become well known in the South African construction industry. It has become the premier choice for external and marine applications, because of its density and durability. The hardwood is light brown to yellowish light brown gradually turning dark brown. As the timber weathers it turns a silvery grey

Garappa - This dense hardwood is sometimes known as Brazilian Ash or Grapia. It is a low maintenance wood which weathers to a silver gray colour if not treated to maintain it’s golden, natural beauty. Garappa can safely be used for Decking, jetties, pergolas and balustrades.

Meranti - Botanical name: Shorea,is mostly imported from the Philippines. It is a durable timber that has been used in South Africa for a number of years. Its colour varies from light brown to a reddish purple. Meranti is very popular due to its availability: long lengths, thick planks; perfect for structural use.

Saligna – Eucalyptus Sydney blue gum is a moderately durable timber but has been used as decking for many decades. The hardwood ranges in colour from rich dark honey colour, moderately coarse textured but uniform. Predominantly straight grained with no pronounced figure. The timber is relatively inexpensive but will require fairly regular maintenance.

Wooden Deck Gallery

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