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New Thatch Construction

A thatch roof functions as both an insulated roof and a ceiling. The roof will ensure that the building is cool in summer and warm in winter, since thatch has a high insulation value.

The inherent ability of thatch to adapt to freeform curved roof shapes allows JFK Thatching to develop less formal layouts than you would for conventional roof structures.

  • All our structures are built with SABS approved (CCA treated) poles.
  • Poles ranging from 75mm to 125mm in thickness.
  • All planting poles are embedded in concrete at a depth of 500mm.
  • Planting poles and horizontal poles range between 125mm to 170mm in thickness.
  • Outside layer of thatch is done with top quality highveld grass and packed at a minimum thickness of ± 175mm. Cape Thatch Reed Ceiling Interior.
  • The coping of the thatch is finished off with a fiberglass mould (ridging).
  • Staining and varnishing of poles can be arranged at an additional price.

Thatch Lapas

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Thatch Houses

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Thatch Extensions

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Thatch Attachments

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Thatch Maintenance

The lifespan of a thatch roof and therefore it’s maintenance requirement is due to several factors. Because of the natural degradation of material over time, it requires maintenance and will eventually reach a stage where it requires complete rethatching.

Brush and Dress Thatch

Dressing up is done as the gradual deterioration of the thatch causes the thatch to loosen slightly from its fixings. In Dressing up the thatch is knocked evenly and securely back up into their fixings.

Brushing down is done after dressing up where the surface of the thatch may be Brushed down to remove loose material and moss, this can retain moisture and gradually damage the body of the thatch.

Over Thatch

Re-dressing of the thatch cover (adding a new thatch layer) becomes necessary when decay has reached the stage when the fixings become exposed on the surface. Once the fixings are exposed, rainwater can be channelled down through the thatch by running down the stitching twine into the thatch layer and into the building.

All rotten thatching material are completely stripped out and dressed by brushing prior to the application of a new, tightly packed thatch layer.

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Total Re-Thatch

Stripping the entire layer of grass from your house/thatch and replacing the thatch structure with new grass.

Grass is thatched with a min thickness of 175mm with a Cape reed spray layer.

Fire Protection

Numerous thatched dwellings have been lost because of the rapid spread of fire through the roof. In most cases, the loss could have been avoided or reduced if certain precautionary measures had been adopted.

The fire resistance of a thatch structure can, however, be enhanced by the application of our fire retardants which retard the spread of flame, thus “buying time” for escape and fire control measures.

Thatch Marshal 8000 is a unique water-based formula that has been designed to enhance the appearance of your thatch.

Thatch Marshal 8000 also provides the following benefits:

  • It extends the life of your thatch
  • It provides increased water resistance
  • It binds your thatch together making it difficult for birds to dismantle
  • It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinus and allergies

Harvey Thatch Tile

What if you can have the feeling, warmth and character of a traditional thatch roof inside your home, but a cost effective durable and maintenance-free exterior.

Harvey Thatch tile compromise a tough, lightweight steel substrate which is coated with a durable, weather. Resistant coating that is impregnated with natural stone chips.

Therefor whether you are looking to re-roof an existing thatch roof or are planning a New thatch roof, Harvey Thatch will provide the ideal roofing solution.